Sebastian Torcail

A vibrant youth with plans beyond the cage of Ord. He seeks adventure through bravery and steel.


At first glance, Sebastian is a boy of 15 summers old with a swath of blonde hair and eyes as deep as the 1000 souls sea itself.

He’s rustic and lithe in all the ways a proper child with a warriors mindset should be and carries the hope of the world on his shoulders.

He’s educated, due to his birthright, and astute in the ways of diplomacy – although he cares little for what his father demands is his “true calling.” – to become a Magistrate or Ambassador of the province.

Quick Notes

  • Youngest of the Torcail Family line.
  • Adventurous at heart and adaptable to most situations due to being on both sides of the fence.
  • Cares little for the affairs of his siblings and just wants to expand his horizons with his best friend Ron.

Sebastian is currently residing in the Torcail family estate, just over the bend of Arman Hall. He keeps a close bodyguard with him when he traverses the land, typically his first choice is Ethne Lochlan – but Anslyn is a second choice; although the two do not mingle much.

Sebastian Torcail

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