Graham "The Pale Argus"

A lone head-hunter, ever searching for a reason to do otherwise...

  • Graham has no last name or sur name due to his bastardization.
  • Race:Half Human, Half Nyssian
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin: Pale white
  • Height: 6’3"
  • Weight: 212
  • Age: 49 winters. (appears to be in his mid 20’s due to his mixed blood)

Scars and deformities:

Constant years of mistreatment and abuse in his youth has left Graham’s body covered in horrific scars and burns, areas where brands were apply and burned or cut off cover his arms and torso. However most noticeable is that the trademark of his half blood, his ears, have been crudely cut as if done in mockery or punishment. Almost as if to mimic human ears. Obviously due to the difference in shape elven ears have compared to human, the shearing has only added to his already unsettling appearance.

Graham is always seen in a full body, hooded grey cloak that fully covers his body down to his boots. He appears to where no armor but those who have actually worked with him for extended periods of time know otherwise.
His boots are made of a slick, jet black eel skin, with small silver chains around them.

Aside from his trademark ashen grey cloak, the other trademark item he is always seen with is his extremely rare mechcanika pole arm that he has appropriately named “Hunger”

Due to his much earned reputation, very high success rate, large stature, seclusive nature and half Nyssian blood. There are few bounty offices and taverns that don’t fall silent when the trademark “chink” of his boot chains are heard entering the room.


Graham has been known to be a man of few words and has never been heard raising his voice, even is times of combat.
His skin a deathly pale, Graham carries a look of constant exhaustion. His eyes are red rimmed, and his expression flat. Although he has never been seen in a fit or outburst, many tread carefully when encountering, or addressing him. Perhaps it’s something in his blood that causes unease with almost everyone whom comes in contact with him. Throughout his entire life, he has always been kept at arms length… So in turn he keeps all others at the same distance.

While Graham’s reputation is known throughout most of if not all the western portion of the Iron kingdoms, it tends to be a bit unfair at times. Although his presence tends to cause fear, mistrust, and unease, Graham has always treated his bounty’s fairly and with respect. He has always offered them safe surrender, and has only had to kill a handful of unruly disreputable bounty’s. At times he has even been known to allow his more behaved bounty’s go unbound back to the warrant office’s.

Graham’s days of freelance bounty hunting are gone now, as his talents to intimidate, and over power people have been discovered and purchased by the Moorgrav of (insert doods name here). To this day, Graham does odd jobs, retrieves taxes, loans, quells unrest, detains political rabble, or assists local or regional law enforcement for Lord Castellation (Name of dood). While well compensated, and treated fairly. Graham cannot help but feel his work is starting to feel that of a hound.

If there is an issue in northern Ord, it is not uncommon for people to mutter “oh shit” if Graham is seen in town soon after.

Hobbies and dislikes:

Graham is known to be a very private and reclusive person in his personal time. It is unlikely that people know his hobbies include the collection of rare and exotic weapons, regardless if he is proficient in there use, and he also has a knack for reading. Other than that, some very unfortunate people have learned that he is absolutely intolerant of the mistreatment of youth and children. Other than that Graham have never shown the affinity for any deity. Due to the nature of his upbringing, he has learned to treat the gods with contempt. The evil ones wish to exploit, the neutral ones tend to ignore and the good ones prat on yet fail to save those whom need there help the most. Although he has no great hatred for religion or gods, he chooses to keep them out of his business, and he stays out of theirs… So far it’s worked out.

Parentage and Birth and Youth:

Graham knows nothing of his genesis. From his earliest ages of memory all he can remember is pain, fear, brutality and hard work. He knows not witch of his parents gave him elven blood, or if they even still live. He’s never known a mother or father. One knows very little of parental love or compassion when being raised in a Scharde slave colony. In a way his mother was the creaking ships he spent most of his time tending to, his father, the blood he spilled. By the time he reached physical maturity the grip of a sword was familiar in his hand.T he hollers and screams of the dying simply white noise. To survive youth as a Schared pirate slave one has to learn to shed any weakness. Expression of pain, sorrow, happiness, or grief fade away as countless waves of blood and viscera cascade endlessly over, one by one stealing the youth and innocence from a bastard child now turned man by age 12… This continued until the age of 19…. Then he died. Or the person he was, or who he was becoming… That person died, and the ocean washed him clean… But not untouched.

Graham "The Pale Argus"

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