The Endless Stride

Session 5 - Combat Preview

For the Glory of Armandor!


This is a brief overview of the events that will transpire this Saturday. The combat I have will most likely span over two sessions, so get ready.

These battles will consist of three groups attacking the Wythmoor Manor. The players will find that the Estate is completely overrun by the White Crows and their affiliates. Each battlefield will be dramatically different from the next and the PC’s will decide which road to take based upon a Silhouette Scout’s observations.

Battlefield 1 – Wythmoor Manor Front Gate

It seems that they are prepared for something. The Whitecrows have the front gates covered by several men and some can even be seen in the low waters keeping to the reeds. The front gate has been out of commission for decades, with one of the gate enclosures on the ground and wrapped with dense overgrowth; much like the manor itself.

At least 10 men are easily spotted in and around the forgotten walls. Each man seems well armed, but not well armored. Leaning up against the old stone walls that haphazardly encompasses the manor are several men with rifles and tricorn hats to stifle the mild rainfall from their eyes.

Beyond these Ordic men are two Ogrun who are well armored. These Ogrun are put on the front gate as a gesture – simply saying “Go ahead and try.”

Battlefield 2 – Behind Wythmoor Manor – The Courtyard

The Courtyard is funneled by a main avenue of rock and debris that leads in to a wide open garden of stone and old broken trees. The back walls have stood the test of time and were not hit as hard as the once beautiful imported stone of the front. There are less troops in the back here, but the corridors are much tighter until you actually reach the garden itself. The scout managed to hear the belching of a roaring steam engine in the back and the sound of mechanical movement…but couldn’t get close enough for sight.

Battlefield 3 – Outskirts of Wythmoor Manor – The Shade of the Thornwood

The outskirts of Wythmoor are surrounded by massive, coiling roots and moors with some Willow trees blocking the sky from view. The trees are bountiful, and some even sit a good 20-30 feet tall where it’s dense. Wading through the water here was difficult on the scout as the water is up to his knees in some areas. From what he saw though – there were patrols of men who roamed in packs of 3 to 4, never any less and never more. There were also Wards etched in to the trees that were extremely difficult to see, which suggests they may have a mage on hand.

It is up to the PC’s to decide which front they will take. Each reward different experience points and Mechanika can be found as well. Whichever they choose will serve as the gateway in to discovering a way in to the Manor…but why would anyone want to go in there? Stay tuned!


Post #Secret for loot to show proof.

Session 5 - Combat Preview
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