The Endless Stride

Session 5 - 7/26/2014


Recap of the Session

This entire Session was dedicated to combat. A battle plan was laid out and of the three previous options the players determined their abilities would best be suited against whatever lay behind the Estate.

Upon attacking from behind, the players encountered a Khard and some of his men with trained Argus wolves. The party easily dispatched the targets, with Ethne Lochlan taking the lime light delivering a powerful crit + cleave combo and almost felling three enemies in a row.

After the first combat they came face to face with the true blockade in the road; a Warjack. The Warjack seemed shoddy in nature but put up a good fight while being controlled by a man from behind. The man had promising natural defenses due to the courtyards statues, walls and gates; but his demise was met by a slew of slung fireballs from Zyn. With the Courtyard’s embers dying down they discovered that the boy who controlled the Warjack was none other than Sebastian Torcail, a young inspiring noble who had the adventurers heart deep within him. The White Crows seemed to accept him and as Ethne was his sworn protector – he wanted to defend the place to show Ethne what he had learned. The boy never got a chance to speak before he was murdered by the PC’s. Ethne felt betrayed, tricked and angry. She picked her axe up and rushed in to the Wythmoor Estate – helbent on Revenge.


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