The Endless Stride

Captain Reeko
Session 5 - 7/26/2014

Recap of the Session

This entire Session was dedicated to combat. A battle plan was laid out and of the three previous options the players determined their abilities would best be suited against whatever lay behind the Estate.

Upon attacking from behind, the players encountered a Khard and some of his men with trained Argus wolves. The party easily dispatched the targets, with Ethne Lochlan taking the lime light delivering a powerful crit + cleave combo and almost felling three enemies in a row.

After the first combat they came face to face with the true blockade in the road; a Warjack. The Warjack seemed shoddy in nature but put up a good fight while being controlled by a man from behind. The man had promising natural defenses due to the courtyards statues, walls and gates; but his demise was met by a slew of slung fireballs from Zyn. With the Courtyard’s embers dying down they discovered that the boy who controlled the Warjack was none other than Sebastian Torcail, a young inspiring noble who had the adventurers heart deep within him. The White Crows seemed to accept him and as Ethne was his sworn protector – he wanted to defend the place to show Ethne what he had learned. The boy never got a chance to speak before he was murdered by the PC’s. Ethne felt betrayed, tricked and angry. She picked her axe up and rushed in to the Wythmoor Estate – helbent on Revenge.

Session 5 - Combat Preview
For the Glory of Armandor!


This is a brief overview of the events that will transpire this Saturday. The combat I have will most likely span over two sessions, so get ready.

These battles will consist of three groups attacking the Wythmoor Manor. The players will find that the Estate is completely overrun by the White Crows and their affiliates. Each battlefield will be dramatically different from the next and the PC’s will decide which road to take based upon a Silhouette Scout’s observations.

Battlefield 1 – Wythmoor Manor Front Gate

It seems that they are prepared for something. The Whitecrows have the front gates covered by several men and some can even be seen in the low waters keeping to the reeds. The front gate has been out of commission for decades, with one of the gate enclosures on the ground and wrapped with dense overgrowth; much like the manor itself.

At least 10 men are easily spotted in and around the forgotten walls. Each man seems well armed, but not well armored. Leaning up against the old stone walls that haphazardly encompasses the manor are several men with rifles and tricorn hats to stifle the mild rainfall from their eyes.

Beyond these Ordic men are two Ogrun who are well armored. These Ogrun are put on the front gate as a gesture – simply saying “Go ahead and try.”

Battlefield 2 – Behind Wythmoor Manor – The Courtyard

The Courtyard is funneled by a main avenue of rock and debris that leads in to a wide open garden of stone and old broken trees. The back walls have stood the test of time and were not hit as hard as the once beautiful imported stone of the front. There are less troops in the back here, but the corridors are much tighter until you actually reach the garden itself. The scout managed to hear the belching of a roaring steam engine in the back and the sound of mechanical movement…but couldn’t get close enough for sight.

Battlefield 3 – Outskirts of Wythmoor Manor – The Shade of the Thornwood

The outskirts of Wythmoor are surrounded by massive, coiling roots and moors with some Willow trees blocking the sky from view. The trees are bountiful, and some even sit a good 20-30 feet tall where it’s dense. Wading through the water here was difficult on the scout as the water is up to his knees in some areas. From what he saw though – there were patrols of men who roamed in packs of 3 to 4, never any less and never more. There were also Wards etched in to the trees that were extremely difficult to see, which suggests they may have a mage on hand.

It is up to the PC’s to decide which front they will take. Each reward different experience points and Mechanika can be found as well. Whichever they choose will serve as the gateway in to discovering a way in to the Manor…but why would anyone want to go in there? Stay tuned!

Session Four - 7/20/2014
The coming storm.

Recap of the Session

The first part of the session was each person taking part in the setup of the Sleeping Giant Inn. Emeliano searched for answers in his council, Zen took watch, Ethne asked for the Church’s help and the Argus took aim at the more lofty positions. Before all this though was a discussion between Emeliano and the group – Emeliano put a more forward demand that he was going to find out where Dorian was and even if he is not hostile, he would find out eventually. Uncomfortable and in a bit of strange position, they agreed to disagree and pressed forward with the matters of the city – the White Crows.

Voting occurred between Emeliano and his council for whether or not they were set to attack the White Crows. His council pulled an even vote, but compromised with getting additional information out of the White Crows before a sure fire attack would go underway. Thus, they sought to meet up with the White Crows and threatened a man in to coercing a meeting out of his superiors. They were set to meet up on the old plains roads south of Armandor, half way between Wythmoor Manor and Armandor.

Ethne sought assistance with the Church, but soon found out that the plague has been making a bit more of an impact to Armandor than most realize. Father Caleb expressed his tiresome duties as he is the forefront of the surf community on lowlands area of the city. While other Churchs are presently working towards goals in their own districts, Caleb seems to of been abandoned.

The Argus went to beg for assistance among the nobles, Anslyn and the Riordan family, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Wallace was more or less insulted that the Argus was requesting such a lofty favor for someone of such low understanding and stance within their community. While the Argus has a name for himself among the common folk and has a fine reputation of grunt work, Wallace felt his presence was out of place – and expressed it in such a way that it hopefully got across.

Each person seemed to of fail except with pleas to Anslyn. Anslyn is for the good of the city and as such, ignored Wallace’s petty squabbles with the Argus’ position. They managed to secure the Grey Twins and 12 to 15 of her Torcail Milita. The Argus told her of the Silhouettes, and how they should meet to proper discuss the events with the White Crows. These men are clad in fine breastplate, orange and black cloaks and the Torcail branded longblades that has assisted in serving justice for decades. Each man has a life dedicated to Anslyn and her cause and are well beyond simply militaristic training – so it was not all a lose, despite it seeming so.

Once gathered, they rode through the murky, fog set roads under the overcast Ordic skies until they met up with the Silhouettes. A bit of a verbal fiasco occurred as societal differences clashed with thieves and royals. Agreeing to deal with it later and to respect each others way of life, the argument came to a halt. As such, the two groups sharpened their blades, loaded their pistols and kept to the fog as the White Crow meeting at Wythmoor Manor was about to be underway.

EXP Earned this Session: None, but there will be a large payout soon…

Items Found: The glass tube of crushed red Rock/minerals (Ernesto’s find).

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations

Nothing New

Why are Tharn Barbarians attacking Armandor / Dorians Estate? – Unanswered.
Who are the WhiteCrows? – Unanswered. Update Emeliano knows they are hired to kick the hornets nest so to speak. But by whom?
Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered

New Introductions

  • Selina Alneas – Council Member to the Silhouettes.
  • Father Caleb – Morrowan Priest to the Chapel of Dawn – the predominant church of the Armandor’s lower belt.

Other Notes

Origins of a Crow - Episode 2

Two weeks I’ve sat and two weeks I’ve watched them pour in and out of a Tavern called the Red Veil situated on the outskirts of town. My limited view provided me with ample cover, but not nearly enough sight to answer all my questions.

I sat, cleaning the pistol that I came to know as my best friend. In the two weeks I’ve sat here, my isolation become my salvation and my path to rapture was crystal clear; no amount of sway could lead my intentions otherwise. Ras brought me food, as he was intent on helping me anyway he could. At first, he would swing by in the morning and drop off some of the local crop – but then he started to take me seriously. Now, he keeps vigil when I rest. We’re both invested.

The Red Veil is a small one story building that has an intricate basement arrangement; I know this because I’ve personally interviewed some of the fine men and women who come and go from the place. While they are open to talk about their experiences, they grow increasingly distant when I ask how to join. It’s become a problem that has ceased my investigatory work to a screaming halt.

Ras met up with some of the local waifs in the area; it took them all but a baguette or jerked meat to get information from them. He discovered that the place was owned by a woman named Astrid, an ex-mercenary to the Ordic navy ranks who served proudly under the 16th Serpent’s Fleet. She as native to Ord, so why be involved with petty break-ins and the murder of innocents like my mother?

The homeless houses seemed to love her though, even as far as calling her the Den-Mother, as she let them shelter in the back of the Veil and even dropped off left overs. She never told them to keep secrets and even invited them in a time or two to get washed up; which I thought was extremely peculiar considering the class of nobles that frequented the place. None-the-less, she had become the glaring flaw that I needed to get in to the place.

Ras and I spent the following week living on the streets and spending what little we had on extorting information out of the waifs. With no new information coming to light and our tired bodies enveloped in to the city streets already, we began sleeping in the back of the Veil. There were times when I thought Ras and I were crazy, or going over board, or times when I wanted to give up. But each night, as I lay in the shadows of the streets outside the Veil and I looked up towards the stars I see her face. It’s etched in the perfect darkness of the cosmos and stays with me when my lids close; becoming the first thing in memory as I wake…

Session Three - 7/12/2014
More Questions, more Blood.

Recap of the Session
The session began and ended with the fight at the Torcail estate. There were no PC casualty’s as the fight was interrupted by some men looking for Dorian. They stumbled upon the sound of clashing blades and yells as they approached Dorian’s estate from the back. Upon investigation they witnessed three Fur-clad individuals fighting some of the more renowned locals of Armandor. A man by the name of Emeliano interrupted the fight, knowing that the Tharns were in the wrong. In addition to Emeliano, there were two other men who fought with him – a man with a brace of pistols and another with two blades. At the end of the fight, the two parties went their separate ways but not before learning that Emeliano and his crew belonged to one of the oldest Thief Chapters in the city – the Crazy Silhouettes. With introductions at hand, they informed Ethne, Argus and Zen they have a business arrangement with Dorian and that he has been missing for a week now.

Ethene cleared the air by telling the Silhouettes that Dorian was in fact, not missing; but located in a safe area. Dorian seems to serve an important role among the Silhouettes. A Torcail, involved with thieves? While this may not be surprising due to the nature that Dorian carries, the implications could be dire should this get released to the proper outlets.

EXP Earned this Session: Around 1400-1500 exp for the Tharn Barbarian Fight.

Items Found: Several Crude Tharn weapons, none of which was taken beyond some minor Corben Healing elixirs.

Potential Re-occurrences
Amelia, the Blacksmith
The Tordoran at the Thane Lords Estate (Ross)
Orn, the Dwarf Pimp.
Marcus and Art Ressic
Armand Vega

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations

  • A fight broke out with some Tharn barbarians from the North. Why are they attacking Armandor, or at least – Dorian’s estate.
  • A new thieves guild has come forward, the Crazy Silhouettes. They seem to have ties with Dorian Torcail – but in what ways? Are they tied to the unrest of Armandor?

Who are the WhiteCrows? – Unanswered.
Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered

New Introductions

  • Armand Vega – Council Member to the Silhouettes. He has only been introduced to Emeliano and no one else.
  • Marcus Ressic – Council Member of the Silhouettes. Utilizes three firearms decorated with gilded silver braces on the handles that depict Artis, Laris and the Wurm Star on the Pinlock.
  • Art Ressic – Borther to Marcus, Council to the Silhouettes. Utilizes two Short blades of no spectacular quality like his brother. Seems to have an opinion on almost anything discussed.

Other Notes

Jason ran from combat or he would of died.

Origins of a Crow - Episode 1
"Come on, you don't need to see this."

They say its never a good sign when a crow shows up and that its the last thing a damned spirit sees before traversing the veil of Urcaen. It’s a saying my father used to say when I was young, and I never understood why until I was much older.

I was thirteen when they broke in to my house. I had just got back from a food run with some of my friends when we heard a scream about a block away; I instantly recognized it as my mother. Even though I wasn’t far, the distance felt much greater, like my feet were lead or I was traversing quicksand to entire straightaway there.

When I arrived she was dead; her flesh still warm and a look of voided distance had been cooked in to her eyes like a lifeless doll. Her lips were speckled in dirt from the cobblestones outside of our house and broken glass lay embedded in her flesh. I watched as the ribbons of red silk poured from the wounds as everyone gathered around in commotion. I heard the City Watch yell as they scrambled to push back the crowd – then I felt Ras’s hand on my arm.

“Hey, come on. You don’t need to see this.” His voice was stern and guiding as he pulled.

I followed, but I remember never taking my eyes off her. I wanted the image stained in my head as I never got to say goodbye.

My father spend years searching for the burglars and putting pressure on the local magistrate to comply with his requests. When he was turned away due to no leads, he began burglarizing the locals to bring the case back to the forefront. When they broke in to our house, they left a Cygnaran half-shield covered in white paint; it was the only clue anyone had.

As my father burglarized homes, he left their coins scattered about. He took valuables that stood out, smashed the house and broke the lock hinges in the same character they did to ours. After a month, the magistrate came questioning my father if he could remember anything else about his wife’s death and in his eyes; he had won.

My father was murdered several weeks later; his body washed in to port and the investigation suggested he had been dumped at sea and floated here with the tides. With two parents gone, the magistrate vowed to bring the murderers to justice.

Their promise was kept when the brought in a man by the name of Darren Godspell. He was young, charismatic and kept a ring on his finger that resembled the embrace of a crow or falcons claw. I remember seeing the gaudy thing pass by my face as he was ushered in to the prison-hold; ill never forget it.

Darren knew he was a dead-man walking. He’d turned his back on his organization and decided it was best to spill the keg while his carried a breath in his body. He told them things that they wanted to hear; simple things, but never anything elaborate. He kept saying over and over “Im just an errand boy. I’m just an errand boy.” with the slickest smile a cocky con artist could muster. But the case was clear as day to me, although not as transparent to the Magistrate; they wanted fame. And what’s the quickest way to fame? Get caught.

Darren was blamed for the deaths of my family and multiple others in Ord and as such, he was sentenced to death. I remember the snap of the rope, the crack of his neck as he spun there; his eyes lolling in the back of his head as the pain wracked his body. I remembered my mothers face, lifeless and broken; his death brought me a smile. That smile would not be good enough for my younger self, as I knew their fame was only just beginning.

Years passed and I collected what I could of their ascension. I kept every news article that I found and interviewed everyone I ran across who was a victim of their illicit pursuits; I was obsessed. I knew I wouldn’t stop until…until I had closure. The problem was: I didn’t know what that would be, so it continued to escalate. I could not stand to be considered the stepping stone of their rise of terror and tumultuous affairs. I would not stand aside while others got hurt and they profited off break-ins and death; so I bought a pistol.

The gun was oily and used, handed down from one criminal to other. The handle was wrapped in a stained red handkerchief to prevent splinters from the shoddy grip and I had to pay a Smith to rework and bore the barrel, but it was all I could afford.

The gun represented a tangible promise; a promise that I intended to keep.

Session Two - 6/21/2014
Time to clean up this mess.

Recap of the Session

The session picked up from where we last left off; heading to see Ross.
Once they arrived, the players mingled with a few NPCs and met some of Ross’s bodyguards which he seemed to have an overabundance of.
No time was spared, and that night Ross was introduced to the players who seemed to be more interested in clearing his good friend Dorian’s name off the family shit list.

Dorian cared, but for the wrong reasons, even going as far as trying to proposition the players in to a subtle business against the hardships Armandor now faced.

The PC’s stuck to the agenda and agreed to assist Dorian and Armandor with Ross’s direction. Ross pointed the players towards a female named Litha Swain, a woman who is apparently Rosses eyes and ears for the goings-on in Armandor. Should this contact fail, he also pointed them towards the youngest son of the Riordan family – a man by the name of Isaac Riordan.

With this information in mind, they sat out on the way back to Armandor – only to find themselves at a guard blockade heading back in. The guards were telling people to turn back, but if their business was important the could pay to enter the city. Suspicious, the players discovered that these “Guards” were in fact under the employ of a local thieves gang called the Whitecrows who were adding to the unrest/disruption of Armandor. While their plans are not clear, they have taken residence up in a Tavern called the Sleeping Giant. Anslyn of the Torcail Militia road in and through some quick interrogation determined that the Sleeping Giant is – or could be – a key location in the Whitecrows next moves. According to one of the bandits, they are to burn Crucible mixtures in the fireplace and once the colorful plume sets itself high in the sky – it would determine their next move.

So what was the next move? The dont know, but they did find out it had something to do with the Abandoned Wythmoor Estate on the outskirts of the Thornwood.

Thus, the players had two options. Wait for the smoke and head to the Estate, or meet them head on at the Sleeping Giant, which has yet to be decided.

In the meantime, the players were tasked by Ross and Dorian to use his home as a sort of HQ for the time being with the condition of staying out of the basement. When they went to check on the house, the sound of glass breaking could be heard over the wall. The players immediately climbed over the wall and came face to face with a blonde haired man in animal fur. He also had a tattoo of three claw marks down his face.

EXP Earned this Session: 100 each for discovering the plot of the guards.

Items Found: None, no looting was done or discovered.

Potential Re-occurrences

  • Amelia, the Blacksmith
  • The Tordoran at the Thane Lords Estate (Ross)
  • Orn, the Dwarf Pimp.

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations


  • What is the Whitecrows Agena? Why are they creating further unrest, whats the point?


  • Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
  • Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered
  • Dorian also mentioned speaking to his friend “Ross”. Is this the same Ross of the Union or someone else? If it is Union Ross, is Dorian involved with the rioting in some way? Answered
NPC’s Introduced
  • Amelia the Blacksmith – Onsite resident blacksmith for Ross Kaddock. Seems to be uninterested in the men around the property but has a level head on her shoulders.
  • Orn, the Dwarf – A dwarf who brings women to the Kaddock Estate. Not much else is known about him besides his distaste for fighting.
  • Ross Kaddock – The prominent figurehead of Hearthstone and a good friend of Dorian Torcail. How far they go back is anyone’s guess but they seem to be close in some way. The men spent a better part of the initial afternoon reminiscing before business reared its ugly head. Ross seems to be a perfectionist for his features, but not of his work area. He has provided valuable insight in to what may be going on and lead the players in a new direction, should they take it.

Additional Notes

On Session 3, we will discuss OOCly whether or not to take on the Sleeping Giant head on or wait for the smoke to pop. The discussion will be dealt with in game but not in Arman Hall, as the state of the place may be different when they come home…

Location Overview: The Chapel at Grennis

Swamp.jpg The Chapel is a local haven for all the normal creeps and crawls of the Ordic moors that stretch endlessly across the country. Once a pilgrimage site for the Order of Keeping, the Chapel has suffered much tragedy since its origin days that date back well over a hundred years ago.

From the top of Boarsgate, you can see the Chapel peaking up from the thick willows like the stretched white skin of a corpses hand, but down in the muck – its near impossible to find. Several guides have claimed to find the place while wondering through the moors on keel boats, but nothing but word of mouth has spread of the place. Getting through the swamps is the most difficult part, as its natural bogs and waterways create a gigantic maze that only a Trollkin could understand.

There is a famous local legend in Armandor that tells of a group of explorers who sat out to discover its true whereabouts. It is said that the Chapel moves around the moors, and its location has been spotted as far as Hearthstone; yet it can be seen from Boarsgate at all hours.

The explorers were said to of reached the location, and several of them made it back saying that there was nothing there but old ruins; nothing that would be able to peak above the might of the willows. No one can say for sure what is deep within the swamps as no evidence was even brought back by the explorers. The swamps are known to hold all sorts of ruins that have been swallowed by overgrowth and as such; the tale lives on. Chapel.jpg


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