The Endless Stride

Session One - 6/7/2014 - Resistance
Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.

Recap of the Session

  • Ethne and Graham are introduced.
  • Jobs are offered and declined.
  • People getting a feel for their characters
  • Initial RP road bumps with Jason threatening nobles.

Armandor suffers a minor rebellion due to the Moorgravs not providing sustainable jobs. Torcail family relies on the Riordans for assistance and Riordans provide temporary relief but the Moorgravs owe them one.

Speculations regarding the fiasco and placing blame on different Castellans and Moorgravs occur. Houses are in turmoil as they feel unsafe, even with the stifling from the Riordans.

Graham provides insight for investigation – Could be Ross from the Unionizers; piques interest among the level headed individuals of Armandor.

Ethne interjects in an argument between two nobles, igniting something potentially dangerous with Eric Torcail.

EXP Earned this Session: None

Items Found: Crestif Two-Shot Rifle, decent condition. Claimed by Graham.

Potential Reoccurances

  • Children who broke in to the Blacksmith Shop
  • Man who retreated from the Dorian Torcail Estate
  • Man who lead the main group of Rioters, claiming his daughter was sick.
  • White Crows snap
  • Ron Felview, Sebastian Torcails best friend.

Story Speculations

  • Why did the rioting truly occur? Was it really due to a lack of jobs, which there is clearly a severe lack of or was it subtly stirred by someone else to put weight/pressure on unknown issues.
  • Why do the Torcails hate Dorian?
  • Dorian also mentioned speaking to his friend “Ross”. Is this the same Ross of the Union or someone else? If it is Union Ross, is Dorian involved with the rioting in some way?
NPC’s Introduced
  • Eric Torcail – Import/Exporter of fine Almare Cigars, middle aged Lord of the Torcail Estate.
  • Dorian Torcail – Cloistered and youngest brother of the Torcail Estate. Hermit, has an unhealthy amount of Firearms and knows how to use them extensively.
  • Lynth Whitecrow – Child of the Whitecrow Second-Story men. The kingship declared Lynth an intermittent issue relating to poor upbringing. They decided to force community service with local lords and Moorgravs until his debt has been paid.
  • Ron Felview – A decent swordsmen for a 16 year old man. He is the best friend of Sebastian Torcail, Lord Torcails youngest son.
  • Anslyn Grey – Captain of the Torcail Militiamen. Devoted to the Estates well being, seems to have a level head on her shoulder and delegates from a seemingly lofty gaze.
  • Jordon Grey – Brother to Anslyn, Captain of the Armandor Guard. Currently assisting with the rioters.
  • Wallace – Personal contact for the Riordan family. Has been interjected in to the nobles society and is carries an extreme observational demeanor.

Additional Notes

The story will pick up on the way to Ross’ place; close to Hearthstone. He lives in a cabin overlooking the Vale of Wards.

Almare - Eastern Grav of Ord
Located in the Heartlands of Ord; a Grav known for its obedience and undoubted loyalty to the Throne.

Information for Almare Exists in the following locations:

  • IK World Guide page 291
  • New IK – Kings, Nations and Gods Page 278-279

Almare Notes

  • Considered the largest Grav in Ord
  • The most prestigious of the Thurian Gravs
  • Ruled by Rogan Torcail; Moorgrav.
  • Includes Hearthstone and Armandor
  • Consists of a beautiful countryside of grasslands for pastures and bountiful farmlands.

Facts About Armandor

  • Population of Armandor – 38,000, Predominantly Thurians.
    • Military of Armandor* – 600 Soldiers in the City, not including private Guards for Castellans/Moorgraves.
  • Imports – Textiles and Wheat
  • Exports – Amber, cork, dairy, flax, livestock, peat and wool
  • Homestead of Torcail Family

Facts About Heartstone

  • Population of Hearthstone – 18,000, Even spread of Thurians and Tordorans, Morridanes as minority
  • Military – 100 Guards, 100 Untrained civilian militia with lack of weapons.
  • Imports – Coal, Iron, Textiles
  • Exports – Hooaga, livestock, wool

Notable People of Almare Grav

The Riordan Family

The largest ranch in all of Armandor belongs to the Riordan family. Nestled in to the hillside under the watchful eye of the Torcail lineage, the Ranch supplies a massive amount of beef and product to the Eastern side of Ord. The family holds a very firm grasp of the financial affairs of Almare and is ran by Teagan Riordan, ; a steely old woman whose cordial practices have allowed for massive expansion – especially over the last two decades. The ranch is operated by Steam Jacks, accompanying a mechanikal based irrigation system to keep the cattle and Almare steeds watered for years to come. Outcasts, downtrodden and refuges often visit the Riordan family for work as there is plenty to do on the ranch – although the labor is extremely taxing.

Thane Lord Ross Kaddock

An agricultural genius in many regards, Ross understands the need for hard labor and the right to breaks, tax breaks and days off for farmhands who, he believes, are the blood of the country. Ross makes it a personal investment for each individual laboring under him that they get their fair share and has gone to bat for his Union-esque workers more times than one would care to hear about. Ross keeps his ties on the lower end of the blue blood spectrum but keeps his business well tacked in their minds and pocket books – creating minor animosities and annoyances with his expensive but unparalleled labor and workers.

Dame Nan Mac Dain
A paladin of Asc. Katrena who has taken it upon herself to act as Hearthstones personal body guard. Mac Dain used to be considered the towns Loon, often warning people of the things that lurk in the fields are dark moors; but when children and men started disappearing – her status was lofted in high regard. Now the people praise her work and give bountiful offerings to her as she patrols the streets at night. Truth be told, she is greatly unhinged but zealous in persuit. She has trained many of the civilian militia and is seen as some of the last light left in such a dreary place.

The Pale Argus

A man with an unknown past is not an uncommon sight to behold in Ord; considering you’re in the pirate capitol of the world. But every once in a while there is someone who comes across your sight that doesn’t seem right in ways even a Shamanite Kreil couldn’t understand – and that is where this man falls in to place. Often called a Half Blood, Half Breed, Freak or Nysser – Graham keeps to himself and is known to many of the locals as the Scar of Almare due to his horrible scarring and seemingly constant uninvited presence at seemingly cede operations. While he is feared, he is also looked on as a breath of fresh air, at least for this moment in his life. Crime has dropped considerably since his apparent hiring with the local Castellans and Moorgravs. People say he changes hands and carries no loyalties in who he protects. Whether it be escorting a young blood of Armandor, dispatching local riffraff or in tandem with Almare’s militia – The Scar of Almare is here to stay, even if it be unsettling.

Dame Lochlan, Bodyguard of Sebastian Torcail

Ethne Lochlan is a Paladin of Morrow with deep Cygnaran roots and has become a trusted Adviser and protector of Sebastian Torcail. At 15 years old, the boy has already become a man and his interests are starting to grow with each passing day. Not only Ethne, but most of Armandor’s elite can see his eyes and mind wander beyond the gate. The boy has made trips to the smaller towns such as Echbri and Doarlish with some of the local guards, which has only enhanced his desires. Although there is not much contact between Ethne and the Arman Hall elite, her name has been at their table more than she knows due to her reliability with their son and the added steel to Armandors walls.

Among the townsfolk Ethne is a pragmatic woman who provides calculated and fair justice, if it is brought to her attention, and is always there to lend a prayer. On her off days, Ethne can be seen smoking a fine Almare Blend of cigars or downing a pint at the Chapter House, a local Tavern. The people know to go to her for their issues and even though she is not sworn in to the local guard, you wont find a single Soldier in the province who would question her verdict of justice.

Pre-Session #1 - Welcome!
6/7/2014 - Start Date

Hey Guys,

I’d like to give this a go and see if we can maintain all our campaign information under one umbrella.

We can use this to track NPC’s, story hooks, etc.

If this takes off I can work in a rewards system for user updated content such as your new items you get, things you guys discover or even blog write ups from your characters perspective.

After the first session I will write up re-caps of everything that happened, pending questions, noted information and even tips/hints as to what comes next or what you missed.

As our first update, please set up each of your character profiles. I’d like this to get done by Friday (Tomorrow). Cody you can take an extra week since you’re bailing on session one.

Jess already has a preview under here: Ethne Lochlan

The first campaign NPC has been displayed as well. You can locate him here: Aldus Faire

On a side note, you can update your profile picture under your account so it can display when you make edits on the tracker.


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