Monk's Cloak

This cloak is tattered and torn like the soul of a Grennis Monk.


A torn piece of fabric from the corpse of a monk that belonged to a long forgotten Chapel. The cloak is torn to the point where it would hang mid-back. It looks as if it mostly used to cover your mouth to conceal your identity.

This Cloak works as a Cloak of Resistance +1 and is a true magical item.

As a true magic item, it comes with the following:

Prayer of Sol
You say good morning or good night at Dusk or Dawn with this Prayer. When said out lout, the Cloak will immediately bless you with the “Endure Elements” spell. This can only be used at day or night before you wake up or turn in.

The tragedy of the Chapel is laid into this cloaks threads. Once per day you may automatically confirm a critical hit as the cloaks anguish fuels your prowess.


Monk's Cloak

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