Lynth Whitecrow

Yea, so what?


Mouthy, out of practice and (to the nobles) – gregarious are the 3 words used to describe Lynth Whitecrow, the youngest brat of the Whitecrow family.

At 14 years old, he had already broken in to dozens of homes across Ord, by 15 he saw his first jail cell and now, at 18, he carries his history in high regard to the point you could see it in his strut.

His dad was a big named criminal years ago, but injuries forced him in to retirement. This didn’t keep the family silenced though, and the father kept the operations moving. His father carried respectful crimes and even had some friendly understandings about land and turf with the Baird himself. Thus, Lynth has let this fill his head with illusions of grandeur and he took it upon himself to spread the word of the Whitecrows. A fact that has both caused harm and good within their ranks.

Because of the respect the Baird family holds with the Whitecrows, Lynth has been tolerated but now he is beginning to stretch his boundaries.

These days you will find Lynth working with the blue bloods as a he is assigned to do under his punishment for previous crimes. He is more or less a whipping boy to the nobles and is forced to march the gamut of Ord offering his services for free. If you ask him, its not a punishment; its a reward for faithful service to the Bandit King, but everyone really knows the truth..


Lynth Whitecrow

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