The right hand to the Riordan family and tied to the Torcails; Wallace is a seemingly quiet man with shoulder length hair he keeps tied behind his head. He’s older, so peppered stripes of grey can be seen on his head and his mustache is predominantly white, although his stubble is black. His eyes carry deep crows feet, suggesting either his age being in his 40’s, or just a rough life.


  • Stands at roughly 6’3 and carries a broadsword as as wide as a strong mans forearm. The blade holds the Riordan brand in the pommel; a double R woven into each other in a circled crest.
  • Patrols the streets of Armandor, particularly the lower district – keeping tabs on the workers.


Wallace can be seen mostly in Armandor idly walking the streets. He is an observer in nature and will almost never pull a blade, although he carries one. Wallace is known as the Crow of Riordan and has watched many a man get beaten, killed or wronged.

He’s renowned for telling people “It aint my business.” and its the only most people have heard from his lips.


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