Thane Lord Ross Kaddock

"The voice of the people runs through Almare, and I'll see it heard."


Lord Kaddock is a Thane that heads the charge of Hearthstone itself. He is at the Heart of the community and a thorn in the side of a few select nobles who seek cheap labor among Almares good civilians.

Kaddock is a proud man who comes from farmland roots with the grit and grime still seeped into his fingertips. He stands at a solid 6 foot 1 and carries a mess of blonde hair and an unkempt beard and with it; deep blue eyes that suggest Kossite a kiss of kossite heritage. He carries himself as a full blood of Thurian upbringing and spends his afternoons deep within the Hearthcove, the Ord financed Library of Almare.

At this time in the story, there is not much known other than he keeps a Union of workers well fed and well paid; enough to cause some angst among rival workers and nobles alike.


Thane Lord Ross Kaddock

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