Ron Felview

A promising young swordsman who seeks the Mercenary life.


Ron is a man of 16 summers who keeps close to his best friend, Sebastian Torcail.

While the two are not inseparable, they lean on each other when in times of need and carry the trust of almost brother like qualities.

Ron stands at a strong 6 foot tall for his age and boasts the muscles to easily mistake him for a veteran of man. His growth spurt and natural movements with the sword has lead Sebastian to be envious, even taking up training with Ethne Lochlan before they plan to embark on their journey together – should they ever get around to the actual planning part.

Ron keeps his hair unkempt and in length, suggesting a street upbringing (as he is). It’s brown and often covered in dirt and usually wears the same great coat handed down to him from his fathers Merc days. The great coat is a dusty black, cracked and faded like rhinos skin and tells a past on its own.

Ron also keeps his blade close to his side, a straight edged sword about 3 and a half feet in length. The tip does not come to a symmetrical point like most swords, it rounds up towards the flat end. Even the hilt seems to be elaborate and foreign in design, suggesting either Idrian or Skorne like design.


Ron Felview

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