Aldus Faire

A man in humble beginnings, with a bright future paved by the pockets of Castellans.


Quick Stats

  • 35 Summers Old
  • 5’11
  • 152 Lbs.
  • Black Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • Trained in Llael


  • Last remaining member of the Faire family-line.
  • Proficient in combat, but prefers parlay to settle disputes.
  • Hobbies include – horse racing, horse breeds, Chess, Argus breeding.

He is the last remaining member of the Faire family-line. The Faires were prized Thanes among Moorgrav and Castellan families alike. They were courteous, cordial and loyal to a fault and were often considered the eyes and ears of Ord for a long standing 10 years. That is; until they were murdered at their Chateau in Almare by a man named Victor Cross. Victor was hung, but the Faire family-line died at the noose.

Aldous only survived due to birth complications. He was born the night of the murders but was rushed to Merin’s premier facilities by a contingent of men and wet nurses. The mother was to shortly follow behind; but never made it. Aldous’ birth complications plague him to this day as he had lost the use of his left arm and left leg. His leg was replaced with Mechanika parts of agile construction; and his arm is kept cradled close to him – often covered by shawls, garments and such.

Aldus Faire

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