"A man this efficient with a comb should be impressive with a pistol." - Cygnaran Recruiter


Zyn is a Caspian man born of a well-off family. His father Denian was a man of the Caspian guard and proud of it. Zyn had always looked up to his father as a symbol of what was right in a world filled with corruption and swindlers. After years in the life of the upper class in Caspia, living amongst them lead to an obsession over presentation. He spends almost every spare moment making sure he looks his best and as a side effect of being so flustered of his appearance, he finds the latest fashions to be of utmost importance.

Through his father’s connections Zyn immediately placed himself in the Cygnaran military as soon as he came of age. Unlike his father, Zyn would grow to be a man of mind over brawn, unlike his father. Denian was a large man of Midlunder descent of which Zyn recieved few traits from, favoring his Caspian mother Cereila’s lineage. His ability for grasping the handle of a pistol soon caught the eyes of his trainers early in his military career. As did Zyn’s flair for the dramatic. Becoming as obsessed of his new found weapon of choice as he was for his appearance took only the time to pull the trigger. A flair for showmanship became his new hobby when he wasn’t busy honing his accuracy in the fields. And as all of his “hobbies” have done so before, became something he had to master.

On the hunt for what could only be the most masterful of showmen, Zyn discovered what would change his life forever. A Gunmage. The raw power they possessed with the weapon was only outdone by the sheer wonder they inspired with their awe inspiring theatrics. Immediately he approached the man and in only a short time became part of the ranks of the Cygnaran Gunmages. He spent every waking night studying and practicing till his fingers bled to become the best he could possibly be at wielding a pistol. After a few years of his complete devotion to the craft yet another opportunity arose, ironically during a celebration.

A man with a rather large beard, and who seemed to be a high ranking officer approached him at the gathering that evening. “I have the opportunity of a lifetime for you” he said to Zyn. Being unsure of his strange garb and ranking medals Zyn asked him of his intentions. The officer took him out to the far reaches of the estate’s large elegant yard and told him that he was a captain in a special division of the military. “Come by tomorrow at dawn. If what the stories say of you are true, I’m sure you’re going to love it.” The following morning Zyn’s curiosity could not be contained as he hurried to meet the bearded man. This was the day he joined the ranks of the Arcane Tempests. A specialized wing of the Cygnaran Military devoted to honing the skills of Gunmages that wanted something beyond the normal skills set.

As the years went on Zyn’s obsession with presentation would become his level of precision. As many of the specific orders the Tempests’ receive relate to special bounties and interrogations, Zyn grew to become one of the more intimidating interrogators. His meticulous nature and life spent around the theatrics of flashy gun moves do well to shake the demeanor of lesser men. Even to this day he does everything he can to impress, wearing his polished armored great coat, adorned in bandoliers covered in ammunition pouches. His sturdy Mechanik’s boots polished to perfection, being all the rage. His military grade Magelock pistols shining brighter than the brightest star. His hair a long flowing brunette, well kept and held back with only Cygnar’s finest goggles above his top dollar wire rim sunglasses. As of now he works to increase his ranks in the Arcane Tempests to build his future and fill his coffers for the day that he too can become the man his father was, to his own son.


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