Emiliano Salvatore

They call me heartless, but I consider myself a survivalist.

I have do not have any visible tattoos nor do I have ear piercings. My etiquette is not of a normal thug. People do not respond well to thugs. There is an old saying "You attract flies with honey, not vinegar. I am a business man first. If I have to get dirty; I do what I have to do.I give everyone respect. I demand respect in return. I will take it if that is what I have to do.

The Crazy Silhouettes
Nicknames – “The Silhouettes” “Shades”

.The Crazy Silhouettes was founded by Armand Vega a cut throat. He has no place in the civilized world. His second in command is Emiliano Salvatore. Now where he comes from does not dictate his demeanor. He is a well educated and calculating. It was his idea to expand the operation of the guild than just stealing. Armand had the idea of taking only the strong into guild. Emiliano had other ideas. Emiliano believes that every man/woman can serve a purpose. Depending on who you ask and if you can get an answer, One of the reason the guild was formed was to unify the lost individuals, to make them have purpose. The guild has approximately 125 members and growing.

There is no set of laws that are more important, more powerful than the laws of the guild. Death is the punishment for betrayal. One elevates his/herself by notoriety. Snitching is not tolerated even if it does no harm to the guild or guild members. There is a council of 6 members in the guild. This was implemented so not one individual has absolute power. Everything has to be voted in.

The Crazy Silhouettes, they have there hands in everything; political corruption, gambling, prostitution,blackmail, assassination.They saw the bigger picture than just thievery. Thievery is still a big source of income. There is a rumor that the Black Mamba assassin’s guild and the Crazy Silhouettes thieves guild are having an underworld war.


My parents were killed when I was a boy. Growing up I received nothing but the harsh truth of reality; you take or you get taken. I refused to be that guy breaking his back to make some other prick wealthy. I learned at a young age to hustle to get what I wanted, whether it was a warm breakfast or a place to sleep. I did not ask for this life! I am playing with the shitty hand I was dealt.

I ran into this shady individual. A man who demanded respect but gave none in return. Armand Vega was his name. I am not sure why, he took me under his wing when I was a teenager. I helped him steal, kill and take power, not necessarily in that order. Most of the time it was fun and I wanted to do it. Other times, I had to horrible things to good people. After a while I came to the conclusion, that those good people were not good at all. Degenerate gamblers, backstabbers, drug addicts.

Everyone has a price! Some people you don’t even have to squeeze to make them do what you want. My main attribute is finding out what You want/need. You get what people want you have something to barter or negotiate and not that it is above me to blackmail with. You don’t get to be second in command of a well established thieves guild without being able to get your hands dirty.

The “Crazy Silhouettes” has been a dominate thieves guild for almost a decade. We are starting to work with other thieves guilds to gain more power. After all, that is what we are all about.

Emiliano Salvatore

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