Dorian Torcail

"Eh? Get the fuck out!"


Dorian Torcail is considered the wound in the Torcail’s otherwise prestigious family line. He’s younger than his brothers, but stress in his life has slicked the once raven haired man straight to grey and whites. Any black hairs that struggle to the forefront are kept at bay by his brothers.

Naturally, this has caused some animosity between them all and it was remedied by giving him his own three story cabin on the outskirts of the Thornwood forest.

Dorian keeps his property clear and has the outskirts – especially in the woods – deeply rooted with expertly laid traps. He is a master of his craft and has been known to fend off contingents of Trollkin who wander his way. Beyond his crazed nature, there is much more to Dorian than most would expect, as is the case with rich hermits who stray away from society. His trust is hard earned, and he appreciates some strange rituals he picked up in his Mercenary days that some would scoff at – especially those of his family.

He keeps a keen eye on his brothers due to lack of trust and always seems to know what they are up to, no matter the secrets they hide from him. This has lead to the brothers either leaving clues for each other, or just leaving town all together if they do not want to include Dorian.

These days Dorian resides in his cabin as always, planning and plotting whatever a rich hermit could possibly plan. Whatever it is though, his brothers have a sneaking suspicion that he is always up to no good and in turn keep a keen eye on him as well.


Dorian Torcail

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