Anslyn Grey

The Blade of the Torcails


Trusted, Reliable and Humorless are the three words used to describe the initial impression of Anslyn, the Blade of the Torcails.

She is a shorter woman, standing at only 5’6 and wearing cog clad burnt leather armor that gives off an earthen, muddy appearance. Her green eyes sift through the bullshit of liars with ease and she takes pride in the Military she has built from old world Knights, Mercs and Trenchers.

These days Anslyn can be at the side of any Noble who calls on her that day. She is a devout Morrowan, but considers that her third best quality.

A man or woman in Anslyn’s court will find a fair and just application of Law, should the defendant be worthy based on his actions.

While she is short, her somewhat muscular stature can be intimidating as it gives her the chest width that of a mans. Her lack of humor while on the job has also attributed to her reputation.

In short, Anslyn is a Ordic decorated Captain, an old Seafarer and belonged to the Cygnaran Devil Dogs at one point in her life. The Devil Dog insignia is still embedded in to her arm, and the dog tags remain about her neck.


Anslyn Grey

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