The Endless Stride

Session Two - 6/21/2014

Time to clean up this mess.

Recap of the Session

The session picked up from where we last left off; heading to see Ross.
Once they arrived, the players mingled with a few NPCs and met some of Ross’s bodyguards which he seemed to have an overabundance of.
No time was spared, and that night Ross was introduced to the players who seemed to be more interested in clearing his good friend Dorian’s name off the family shit list.

Dorian cared, but for the wrong reasons, even going as far as trying to proposition the players in to a subtle business against the hardships Armandor now faced.

The PC’s stuck to the agenda and agreed to assist Dorian and Armandor with Ross’s direction. Ross pointed the players towards a female named Litha Swain, a woman who is apparently Rosses eyes and ears for the goings-on in Armandor. Should this contact fail, he also pointed them towards the youngest son of the Riordan family – a man by the name of Isaac Riordan.

With this information in mind, they sat out on the way back to Armandor – only to find themselves at a guard blockade heading back in. The guards were telling people to turn back, but if their business was important the could pay to enter the city. Suspicious, the players discovered that these “Guards” were in fact under the employ of a local thieves gang called the Whitecrows who were adding to the unrest/disruption of Armandor. While their plans are not clear, they have taken residence up in a Tavern called the Sleeping Giant. Anslyn of the Torcail Militia road in and through some quick interrogation determined that the Sleeping Giant is – or could be – a key location in the Whitecrows next moves. According to one of the bandits, they are to burn Crucible mixtures in the fireplace and once the colorful plume sets itself high in the sky – it would determine their next move.

So what was the next move? The dont know, but they did find out it had something to do with the Abandoned Wythmoor Estate on the outskirts of the Thornwood.

Thus, the players had two options. Wait for the smoke and head to the Estate, or meet them head on at the Sleeping Giant, which has yet to be decided.

In the meantime, the players were tasked by Ross and Dorian to use his home as a sort of HQ for the time being with the condition of staying out of the basement. When they went to check on the house, the sound of glass breaking could be heard over the wall. The players immediately climbed over the wall and came face to face with a blonde haired man in animal fur. He also had a tattoo of three claw marks down his face.

EXP Earned this Session: 100 each for discovering the plot of the guards.

Items Found: None, no looting was done or discovered.

Potential Re-occurrences

  • Amelia, the Blacksmith
  • The Tordoran at the Thane Lords Estate (Ross)
  • Orn, the Dwarf Pimp.

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations


  • What is the Whitecrows Agena? Why are they creating further unrest, whats the point?


  • Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
  • Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered
  • Dorian also mentioned speaking to his friend “Ross”. Is this the same Ross of the Union or someone else? If it is Union Ross, is Dorian involved with the rioting in some way? Answered
NPC’s Introduced
  • Amelia the Blacksmith – Onsite resident blacksmith for Ross Kaddock. Seems to be uninterested in the men around the property but has a level head on her shoulders.
  • Orn, the Dwarf – A dwarf who brings women to the Kaddock Estate. Not much else is known about him besides his distaste for fighting.
  • Ross Kaddock – The prominent figurehead of Hearthstone and a good friend of Dorian Torcail. How far they go back is anyone’s guess but they seem to be close in some way. The men spent a better part of the initial afternoon reminiscing before business reared its ugly head. Ross seems to be a perfectionist for his features, but not of his work area. He has provided valuable insight in to what may be going on and lead the players in a new direction, should they take it.

Additional Notes

On Session 3, we will discuss OOCly whether or not to take on the Sleeping Giant head on or wait for the smoke to pop. The discussion will be dealt with in game but not in Arman Hall, as the state of the place may be different when they come home…


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