The Endless Stride

Session Three - 7/12/2014

More Questions, more Blood.

Recap of the Session
The session began and ended with the fight at the Torcail estate. There were no PC casualty’s as the fight was interrupted by some men looking for Dorian. They stumbled upon the sound of clashing blades and yells as they approached Dorian’s estate from the back. Upon investigation they witnessed three Fur-clad individuals fighting some of the more renowned locals of Armandor. A man by the name of Emeliano interrupted the fight, knowing that the Tharns were in the wrong. In addition to Emeliano, there were two other men who fought with him – a man with a brace of pistols and another with two blades. At the end of the fight, the two parties went their separate ways but not before learning that Emeliano and his crew belonged to one of the oldest Thief Chapters in the city – the Crazy Silhouettes. With introductions at hand, they informed Ethne, Argus and Zen they have a business arrangement with Dorian and that he has been missing for a week now.

Ethene cleared the air by telling the Silhouettes that Dorian was in fact, not missing; but located in a safe area. Dorian seems to serve an important role among the Silhouettes. A Torcail, involved with thieves? While this may not be surprising due to the nature that Dorian carries, the implications could be dire should this get released to the proper outlets.

EXP Earned this Session: Around 1400-1500 exp for the Tharn Barbarian Fight.

Items Found: Several Crude Tharn weapons, none of which was taken beyond some minor Corben Healing elixirs.

Potential Re-occurrences
Amelia, the Blacksmith
The Tordoran at the Thane Lords Estate (Ross)
Orn, the Dwarf Pimp.
Marcus and Art Ressic
Armand Vega

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations

  • A fight broke out with some Tharn barbarians from the North. Why are they attacking Armandor, or at least – Dorian’s estate.
  • A new thieves guild has come forward, the Crazy Silhouettes. They seem to have ties with Dorian Torcail – but in what ways? Are they tied to the unrest of Armandor?

Who are the WhiteCrows? – Unanswered.
Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered

New Introductions

  • Armand Vega – Council Member to the Silhouettes. He has only been introduced to Emeliano and no one else.
  • Marcus Ressic – Council Member of the Silhouettes. Utilizes three firearms decorated with gilded silver braces on the handles that depict Artis, Laris and the Wurm Star on the Pinlock.
  • Art Ressic – Borther to Marcus, Council to the Silhouettes. Utilizes two Short blades of no spectacular quality like his brother. Seems to have an opinion on almost anything discussed.

Other Notes

Jason ran from combat or he would of died.


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