The Endless Stride

Session Four - 7/20/2014

The coming storm.

Recap of the Session

The first part of the session was each person taking part in the setup of the Sleeping Giant Inn. Emeliano searched for answers in his council, Zen took watch, Ethne asked for the Church’s help and the Argus took aim at the more lofty positions. Before all this though was a discussion between Emeliano and the group – Emeliano put a more forward demand that he was going to find out where Dorian was and even if he is not hostile, he would find out eventually. Uncomfortable and in a bit of strange position, they agreed to disagree and pressed forward with the matters of the city – the White Crows.

Voting occurred between Emeliano and his council for whether or not they were set to attack the White Crows. His council pulled an even vote, but compromised with getting additional information out of the White Crows before a sure fire attack would go underway. Thus, they sought to meet up with the White Crows and threatened a man in to coercing a meeting out of his superiors. They were set to meet up on the old plains roads south of Armandor, half way between Wythmoor Manor and Armandor.

Ethne sought assistance with the Church, but soon found out that the plague has been making a bit more of an impact to Armandor than most realize. Father Caleb expressed his tiresome duties as he is the forefront of the surf community on lowlands area of the city. While other Churchs are presently working towards goals in their own districts, Caleb seems to of been abandoned.

The Argus went to beg for assistance among the nobles, Anslyn and the Riordan family, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Wallace was more or less insulted that the Argus was requesting such a lofty favor for someone of such low understanding and stance within their community. While the Argus has a name for himself among the common folk and has a fine reputation of grunt work, Wallace felt his presence was out of place – and expressed it in such a way that it hopefully got across.

Each person seemed to of fail except with pleas to Anslyn. Anslyn is for the good of the city and as such, ignored Wallace’s petty squabbles with the Argus’ position. They managed to secure the Grey Twins and 12 to 15 of her Torcail Milita. The Argus told her of the Silhouettes, and how they should meet to proper discuss the events with the White Crows. These men are clad in fine breastplate, orange and black cloaks and the Torcail branded longblades that has assisted in serving justice for decades. Each man has a life dedicated to Anslyn and her cause and are well beyond simply militaristic training – so it was not all a lose, despite it seeming so.

Once gathered, they rode through the murky, fog set roads under the overcast Ordic skies until they met up with the Silhouettes. A bit of a verbal fiasco occurred as societal differences clashed with thieves and royals. Agreeing to deal with it later and to respect each others way of life, the argument came to a halt. As such, the two groups sharpened their blades, loaded their pistols and kept to the fog as the White Crow meeting at Wythmoor Manor was about to be underway.

EXP Earned this Session: None, but there will be a large payout soon…

Items Found: The glass tube of crushed red Rock/minerals (Ernesto’s find).

Story Speculations and Answers to last weeks Speculations

Nothing New

Why are Tharn Barbarians attacking Armandor / Dorians Estate? – Unanswered.
Who are the WhiteCrows? – Unanswered. Update Emeliano knows they are hired to kick the hornets nest so to speak. But by whom?
Why did the rioting truly occur? – Unanswered still
Why do the Torcails hate Dorian? – Unanswered

New Introductions

  • Selina Alneas – Council Member to the Silhouettes.
  • Father Caleb – Morrowan Priest to the Chapel of Dawn – the predominant church of the Armandor’s lower belt.

Other Notes


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