The Endless Stride

Location Overview: The Chapel at Grennis

Swamp.jpg The Chapel is a local haven for all the normal creeps and crawls of the Ordic moors that stretch endlessly across the country. Once a pilgrimage site for the Order of Keeping, the Chapel has suffered much tragedy since its origin days that date back well over a hundred years ago.

From the top of Boarsgate, you can see the Chapel peaking up from the thick willows like the stretched white skin of a corpses hand, but down in the muck – its near impossible to find. Several guides have claimed to find the place while wondering through the moors on keel boats, but nothing but word of mouth has spread of the place. Getting through the swamps is the most difficult part, as its natural bogs and waterways create a gigantic maze that only a Trollkin could understand.

There is a famous local legend in Armandor that tells of a group of explorers who sat out to discover its true whereabouts. It is said that the Chapel moves around the moors, and its location has been spotted as far as Hearthstone; yet it can be seen from Boarsgate at all hours.

The explorers were said to of reached the location, and several of them made it back saying that there was nothing there but old ruins; nothing that would be able to peak above the might of the willows. No one can say for sure what is deep within the swamps as no evidence was even brought back by the explorers. The swamps are known to hold all sorts of ruins that have been swallowed by overgrowth and as such; the tale lives on. Chapel.jpg


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